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The Binding department effects metal staple, stitch, and spot-gluing binding, and a special machine is used for folding road maps.
Die-cutting and cellophane-wrapping is also provided, with the insertion of postal addresses for delivery.
4 folding machines for all types of folding: windows, pharmaceutical, road maps, folding with spot-gluing, and parallel folds up to 15 panels.
1 five-station stapling machine
1 eight-station stapling machine with cover feeder
1 binding line for hot-melt and stitched paperbacks with 20-station collection line.
Bieffe is the first printing company in the Marche region to be equipped with a complete in-company binding system.
1 automatic cellophane-wrapping line, with insertion of postal addresses, sorting by postcode, and postal-service management if required.
1 Automatic platen press for pre-creasing and punching
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